10 Tips to Fix Your Relationship with Your Girlfriend

Tips to Fix Your Relationship with Your Girlfriend

Relationships are complicated, especially romantic ones. Sometimes your relationship will hit a rough patch, and you’ll need to work to fix it – maybe you had an argument, or maybe you’re noticing that the love isn’t quite there anymore. If this has happened to you, don’t worry! We’ve got ten great tips on how to fix your relationship with your girlfriend right here!

10 Tips to Fix Your Relationship with Your Girlfriend
10 Tips to Fix Your Relationship with Your Girlfriend

1) Communicate in Private

No matter how strong a relationship is, it can suffer if not nurtured. While it may seem trite, talk things out—both big and small—in private. When you have your own thoughts and ideas on paper, you’ll likely come across more clearly than when talking face-to-face in the heat of an argument. And even if you think a discussion will be short and simple, communicate more often than not by writing notes back and forth instead of sending emails or texts that could easily be misunderstood later on.

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2) Do What Makes Her Happy

More important than what you do for your girlfriend is understanding her. What does she like to do? Where does she like to go? How does she like things done around her? In short, what makes her happy? Once you know that, doing something nice for her doesn’t have to be a chore. It will just make you happy knowing that you’re making her happy too.

3) Tell Her No

Whether you’re just meeting up or have been dating for years, it’s important that you don’t cave into a woman’s every whim. Let her know from time to time that you don’t always approve of everything she does, and your relationship will be stronger as a result. For example, if your girlfriend wants to sleep in on Saturday morning but you prefer to go for a run, tell her I was thinking we could go running tomorrow; do you think that might work? I need to get outside for some exercise anyway. What do you think? Maybe she does want to go running and maybe she doesn’t—but either way, she’ll appreciate being asked instead of having something thrown at her.

4) Stay Healthy

It might sound corny, but physical health can have a major impact on your relationship. If you and your girlfriend are both in good shape, chances are things will run smoothly. Take care of yourself by staying physically active, eating well, and seeking regular checkups from your doctor. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling better than ever—and sharing that improved feeling with your sweetheart!

5) Do Nice Things For Her

Sometimes, we assume women know how much we care about them. Do her a favor by reminding her. Girls love when you do nice things for them, even if it’s something simple like bringing a cup of coffee in from outside or opening doors for them. Girls also respond well to being treated well in front of their friends. Just be sure not to overdo it; no need to start treating every woman as if she’s your girlfriend. It’s also important not to get jealous or have possessive feelings toward her friends and family—girls are only going to take that so far before they stop taking you seriously. Instead, treat all of these people how you want your girlfriend treated: with love and respect!

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6) Listen to Her Complaints

When your girlfriend is venting about a problem at work or something that happened in her day, don’t just listen. The fact that she feels comfortable sharing what’s going on with you shows how close you two are and how much trust exists between you. Listen attentively and ask questions; show her you really care. It doesn’t mean that you should necessarily fix everything for her, but it will mean a lot to her if you show any interest in what she has to say. And if her complaints are valid or she has a good point? You better make sure you apologize—and do so quickly!

7) Go On A Date Every Week

Set aside at least one day each week where you plan a date for your girlfriend. The goal of doing it every week is so you don’t forget. Find a regular place and time, like Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Plan something fun that doesn’t cost too much money—maybe a weekend getaway or brunch at your favorite local spot. If you can make it an event, even better: Go see your favorite band, go bowling, play mini-golf… whatever floats her boat! You don’t have to be a millionaire; she’ll enjoy herself just as much if you take her for coffee and cupcakes or plan an impromptu picnic in Central Park (just be sure not to leave any litter behind!).

8) Use Power Words

We often speak and write without thinking about our words. We don’t do it on purpose, but life gets busy, and often we simply forget that there are words out there that can change how people see us or how they feel about what we are saying. By using powerful words, you can increase your influence in any conversation. Use impactful words to enhance your interpersonal communication skills. Power Words will have a positive effect on: Leadership & Teamwork; Motivation & Inspiration; Customer Service & Sales; Personal Development & Improvement

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9) Give Her Space When She Needs It

Maybe she just needs a little time on her own. If she’s not sharing her feelings, or if she’s been distant recently, give her space. Don’t pry or try to push conversation—let it come naturally. Give your girlfriend space and you might be surprised by how quickly she opens up again and reveals what’s going on inside of her head and heart.

10) Last but Not Least – Kiss Her. A Lot

While we’re not suggesting that you set your relationship back hundreds of years and live in a cave (you’re reading Harvard Business Review, right?), if you find yourself at odds with your girlfriend, go back to basics. Pick up some flowers. Bring her a cup of coffee when she wakes up. Give her a long hug. Tell her how much you love her (at least three times) and then show it through your actions. As author Stephen King says: You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great. So get started and good luck!

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