How To Fix A Relationship: 6 Ways To Fix It When It’s Broken

How To Fix A Relationship

How To Fix A Relationship 6 Ways To Fix It When It's Broken
How To Fix A Relationship 6 Ways To Fix It When It’s Broken

When you’re in a relationship, there are times when things may not be exactly as they should be. Maybe you’re angry because of something your partner did or said, or maybe it seems like the connection just isn’t there anymore, or maybe you feel like you just can’t do anything right anymore. However it might be, there are ways to fix it – sometimes even before it has completely fallen apart. Here are six ways that help you understand how to fix a relationship so that you can get back to feeling how you should in your romantic partnership.

1. Use your intuition to Fix a Relationship

If your gut tells you to trust someone but your brain isn’t sure, follow your intuition. Trusting yourself can be hard, especially if it means trusting someone who has let you down in the past. But eventually, you may feel more confident in your ability to tell when things are as they seem and when they’re not. Learn from others’ mistakes: Have you ever said or done something in a relationship that you instantly regretted? We all have. The best way to make sure those mistakes don’t happen again is by finding out what caused them in the first place and using that knowledge to keep from making them again.

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2. Don’t push too hard

You may be ready to fix things, but your significant other might not be. Do they know you’re trying to change? If not, it’s important that you first communicate with them and try to figure out what’s going on. Are they scared of something or maybe you’ve hurt them in some way? Either way, if they’re not ready for a change, don’t force it on them. This could cause resentment that only intensifies their feelings of distance from you.

3. Do something nice for him/her

No matter how bad things may be between you and your significant other, doing something nice for them might just make all of those problems seem to disappear. Think of it as a peace offering, which is definitely going to get you back in their good graces. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to show them that you care about them and want to work on your relationship together. Just don’t go overboard or they might think you are trying too hard. This works especially well if they have been saying they need space from you or asking for some time alone because they are feeling overwhelmed with life in general.

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4. Forgive yourself and each other

Many times, what’s broken in a relationship isn’t something that can be fixed. But if it is fixable, and you can both acknowledge your own roles in what went wrong, apologize to each other (and mean it) and forgive each other for your mistakes along with any hurt feelings they may have led to, then you have a fighting chance at making things better. We all make mistakes from time to time, and holding grudges over them doesn’t do anything but hurt you. Forgive yourself for being human and forgiving your partner for being one too—the only thing left will be moving forward.

5. Look back at the good times together

Having a difficult time figuring out how to fix a relationship can seem like an impossible puzzle. One way to get through it, though, is to focus on what was good about your relationship and work from there. Try writing down some of your favorite memories together—whether they’re big moments or just little daily things you appreciated. Being present at that moment with your partner will help bring you back to a better place.

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6. Apologize first, then explain

No matter how it started, you’ve done something to hurt your partner and they’re upset. Be honest about why you did what you did, but don’t make excuses for yourself. In fact, an apology is more powerful if it doesn’t include any reasons for your actions. So don’t say things like I’m sorry I cheated on you because I never thought you’d find out. Instead, apologize for hurting them (I’m sorry that I hurt you by cheating on you) without giving them a reason why (I didn’t realize how much it would affect our relationship). The latter sounds manipulative while the former is open and vulnerable — exactly what your partner needs right now.

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