10 Inexpensive Gifts for Mom That Show You Care

Inexpensive Gifts for Mom That Show You Care

10 Inexpensive Gifts for Mom That Show You Care
10 Inexpensive Gifts for Mom That Show You Care

You want to give your mom a special gift for Mother’s Day, but you don’t have much cash to spend because of your new apartment and car payments. Don’t worry, though; there are lots of great gifts you can get her that don’t cost money! Here are 10 Inexpensive Gifts for Mom That Show You Care.

1) Cook a meal

The food you make your mom on Mother’s Day is just as important as how much money you spend. Get creative and cook her a meal. She’ll appreciate that even more than a traditional bouquet of flowers. In fact, one study suggests that gift recipients prefer experiential over material gifts by nearly 20 percent. Of course, if it makes sense to give her something tangible (like jewelry or clothing), do it! But if she’s happy with you coming to visit in person, focus on creating an experience rather than handing over an item she may end up never using. Remember: The key ingredient to giving gifts is not what they cost—it’s how much thought and effort you put into them.

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2) Bake her favorite cake

Nothing says I love you like homemade cake. Although it doesn’t cost a dime, baking your mom’s favorite cake still counts as an inexpensive gift. And who wouldn’t want to eat some warm and gooey chocolate cake? Let’s be honest, no one. Take her out to brunch: It can be difficult to plan a special breakfast or lunch date with your mom if you have busy schedules, but there are still ways to incorporate time together into your daily routine. If she gets up earlier than you do, swing by her house and pick her up on your way to work so you can drive in together. You’ll save gas money and get some quality time in before heading off to work—winning!

3) Do her laundry

Laundry is one of those household chores that we all despise, but it’s an essential part of living with another person (or even yourself). It’s a great way to show your mom that you care and appreciate her. Even better, after your mom sees how nice her laundry looks, she might do yours! If you don’t have a washer or dryer in your apartment and don’t want to waste money on a load of detergent, there are dry cleaners in nearly every major city that will clean and fold clothing at reasonable prices.

4) Fix something around the house

Is there something broken that your mom has been complaining about but hasn’t had time to fix? Is her computer on its last leg? Does she need new sheets or curtains in her bedroom? It might seem like a small gift, but showing you care by fixing something she can no longer do herself will go a long way.

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5 Inexpensive Gifts for Mom That Show You Care
Inexpensive Gifts for Mom That Show You Care

5) Write her a song or poem

How many times have you heard I just want to be surprised? The best way to take away someone’s expectations is to let them know what you’re thinking. Yes, it takes a little effort (although not much), but it shows that you care about her and understand what she wants. If she asks you not to get her anything, give her your surprise anyway and help her remember that she does deserve special treatment from time to time. Who knows—she might even surprise herself by being pleasantly surprised by something so thoughtful.

6) Sew something she always wanted

The best gift you can give is a hand-made one, and your mom deserves to know that she’s been thought of while she’s been so busy taking care of everyone else. If your mom is anything like my mom, then there are countless things that she would love to have but probably never would buy herself because they’re just not practical. Make her something, whether it be a new doormat or a clothespin bag—it doesn’t matter; it will mean more to her than you could ever imagine.

7) Give her an at-home spa day

Do you feel guilty if you don’t take mom out for a special dinner on Mother’s Day? Next year, create an at-home spa day with your mother instead. She might never let you forget it (in a good way!), but she will be forever grateful that she got to spend quality time with her favorite people: her family. The best part about giving mom an at-home spa day is that it doesn’t have to cost money—if you get creative! Why not have everyone pitch in and help pay for ingredients? Make custom, personalized gifts using bath salts or colorful soaps. Host a candlelit dinner where everyone wears their most adorable matching pajamas.

8) Get her a gift card so she can buy what she wants

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The gift of giving a loved one a gift card may seem impersonal, but that doesn’t mean it’s not thoughtful. Giving a gift card is easy to do, won’t require any wrapping or shipping, and allows mom to buy something she actually wants — rather than spending time looking for something that meets your specifications. If you don’t know where your mom likes to shop, you can also purchase online gift cards from just about any retail store in existence. (Even Amazon has physical gift cards.) Plus, many merchants offer discounts when you use their e-gift cards in-store — so your mother can save some money too! (Read more: 10 Best Gift Cards For Mother’s Day 2018)

9) Take her on a trip to somewhere fun

Whether you’re taking your mom on a weekend trip to Charleston or offering her a long-distance trip to Paris, going somewhere with her is a great way to show that you care. No matter where you choose, she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and efforts in making sure it’s an experience she won’t forget. And just as important: no one has to know how little you spent.

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10) Ask her opinion on what you should get

Most moms love to be asked about anything and everything that’s happening in your life, from your problems at work to what you should get her for Mother’s Day. While it might seem a little juvenile, ask her opinion about what you should get her for Mother’s Day; chances are she’ll be flattered and will appreciate how much you care. Better yet, take notes; if there are things she specifically mentions or gestures towards while talking, they might even make good gift ideas. Do not give up on showing how much you care if mom says I don’t want anything. She loves that you’re listening and trying to make it special.

Choosing gifts for your mom doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does take some thought. If you don’t know what she likes or you’re tight on cash, the choices can seem overwhelming, especially since money might be tight this year too. That’s why we’ve put together this list of inexpensive gifts for mom that show you care without breaking the bank—just in time for Mother’s Day!

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