8 Things Only People Who Love Mountains Would Understand

Things Only People Who Love Mountains Would Understand

8 Things Only People Who Love Mountains Would Understand
8 Things Only People Who Love Mountains Would Understand

If you love mountains, then you must understand all the things on this list. If you don’t, then there’s something wrong with you! But don’t worry, now that you’ve found this article, it will help to clarify things. There are so many misconceptions about what it means to love mountains, and hopefully this will shed some light on the subject, while making you think at the same time! Enjoy! We have compiled 8 things only people who love mountains would understand in this post.

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1) I love getting up at 4:30am to watch the sunrise

The sun rises over a distant mountain peak and a full day of adventure awaits. It’s absolutely breathtaking, one of my favorite times of day. It may sound crazy, but getting up early has allowed me to see more breathtaking views than ever before. There’s something about starting an adventurous day with your feet firmly planted on solid ground. I love getting up at 4:30am to watch Mt Hood as it lights up in shades of gold and purple while snowboarders and skiers dance along its slopes well before sunrise. If you truly love mountains, you know how hard it is to tear yourself away from them each night. You can get up early or stay out late—the choice is yours!

2) My home smells like pine trees and fresh air

When you’re standing outside in a mountain town, you feel it. You breathe it in deeply and its freshness fills your lungs; It’s amazing how different everything smells when you live in a place where trees are prevalent. The smell of pine needles, moss and freshly fallen snow is something I never got used to, even after spending almost two years in a mountain town. Something about that atmosphere is just magical; maybe because that type of environment makes me truly appreciate nature or maybe because I grew up surrounded by concrete and asphalt and living amongst mountains has always been a dream of mine… Whatever it is, living on top of a hill surrounded by trees feels natural to me now – but trust me when I say I wasn’t always so comfortable with my surroundings.

3) I have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of hiking trails

I’ve hiked dozens of trails across North America and Asia, but when I meet someone who shares my passion for hiking—I immediately have a lot to talk about. My desire to hike as much as possible has become a central focus in my life. But people who aren’t into hiking have always told me that it’s just not worth it: Who cares if you hike one trail or another? they ask. Well, I do—because I really love it and maybe you would too! To help you understand what drives me to constantly seek out new mountains to conquer, here are eight things only people who love mountains would understand.

4) The most popular trailhead parking lot fills up around 5am

To reach most 14ers, a hiker needs to start off with an early morning hike; but there is one mountain where parking is only half-full at that time – Mt. Bierstadt. You see, a lot of people want to hike 14er Mount Elbert, but once they find out how hard it is to get there by car from Denver – they give up before starting. That’s why you’ll find most cars parked at 6am in the trailhead parking lot are headed for nearby Mount Bierstadt instead.

5) Camping? Of course!

Camping and hiking in mountains is one of my most cherished activities. Few things are more rewarding than coming back to your tent after a long day of exploring, cooking dinner over an open fire, and feeling completely content. And that’s exactly why so many people feel drawn to mountains—mountains offer a unique mix of remoteness, adventure, and solitude. You can’t beat them! If you love mountains, I’m sure you agree. Here are 8 things only people who love mountains would understand.

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6) If my hiking boots get wet, it’s totally normal

Shuffling around in wet boots may not be ideal, but it’s a regular occurrence when you hike. It doesn’t even take much to get water into your boots; during peak waterfall season, there can be as many drops of water surrounding you as there are in a rainstorm! The good news is that I know my hiking boots will dry quickly, so I don’t have to worry about a too-wet pair of shoes affecting my safety or comfort. If you love mountains like me, there are plenty of other things that only we would understand. Read on to find out more.

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7) Fall is my favorite season…but in the mountains, winter is amazing, too!

We spend so much time staring at computer screens, avoiding eye contact, and feeling disconnected from each other that we forget what it’s like to be face-to-face with another human being. When you’re alone in nature, there are no distractions. You can feel your own breath, hear your own heartbeat and notice that your knee hurts because you just ran up a mountain trail. You can stare straight into someone else’s eyes and communicate silently with a smile or frown.

8) There are some things only people who love mountains would understand

If you have a deep love of mountains, you know that not all mountains are created equal. Some are perfect for hiking and others should never be climbed under any circumstances. There’s an art to mountain climbing and a secret language between those who understand its peaks and valleys. If you don’t climb mountains (or if they don’t climb you), it can be hard to understand what those people are talking about at campfires or when they brag about reaching Everest Base Camp, but here are some signs that your love of mountains might just be too strong.

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If you love mountains, there’s no doubt that you’ve taken your fair share of pictures of them. However, some people don’t necessarily understand why taking pictures of mountains and other mountain-related activities can be so addicting to those who love them. For the non-mountain lovers out there who want to get inside the head of a true mountain lover, here are eight things only people who love mountains would understand.

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