60 Best Boba and Milk Tea Captions for Instagram

Best Boba and Milk Tea Captions for Instagram

Finding the perfect caption for your next Instagram photo of Boba or Milk Tea can be tough, but with these 60 best Boba and Milk Tea captions for Instagram, you’ll be sure to impress your followers. From clever puns to clever rhymes, you’ll be able to find the perfect caption in no time! If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect caption for your next photo, don’t worry. We’ve done all the work for you with these top 60 captions that are guaranteed to make your friends go wild!

  • A big glass of milk tea is equal to a huge serving of happiness
  • Bad day? Have a boba.
  • Become a milk tea mogul.
  • Before going on your own personal adventures, have a milk tea.
  • Best served with happiness.
  • Bob a boba.
  • Boba love!
  • Bobastic!
  • Bobbly happiness in a glass.

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  • Bring your boba friends.
  • Bring your crew, try our bubble teas.
  • Bubble tea breakfast? Why not?
  • Bubble tea is a refreshing drink for hot, summer days.
  • Bubbles of the future.
  • Bubbly inside and out.
  • Burst your bubble.
  • Double up on our bubble tea.
  • Drink and chew.
  • Drinking milk tea allows me to beat all odds.
  • Good life is in the bubbles.
  • Got troubles? Drink a bubble tea.
  • Here, it’s bobalicious!
  • Hot or cold, this milk tea is awesome!
  • How do I love bubble tea? Let me count the ways.
  • I don’t mind spending too much on an excellent milk tea.
  • I drove a hundred miles to enjoy the best milk tea in the world.

Funny Boba and Milk Tea Captions for Instagram

  • Included in this drink are pearls of love.
  • It’s true! Our bobas are huge.
  • Let the sun shine with each sip of our bubble tea.
  • Life is all in the bubbles.
  • Life is not all about iced coffees. It’s also about bubble teas.
  • Milk tea on a cruise? Definitely!
  • Milk tea—a hundred times better than the best wine.
  • Playful bubble tea.
  • Real men drink milk tea.
  • So good you’ll take the last boba.
  • Softer bobas here.
  • Strawberry syrup and a dollop of honey on bubble tea are heaven in a glass.
  • The bobas of tomorrow.
  • The chewy bubbles.
  • The healthy goodness of milk and tea combined.
  • This delicious milk tea should be the drink of billionaires.
  • This drink has a bubbly attitude.

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  • This is how much I love milk tea.
  • This is the favorite place of Bobba Fett.
  • Try our boba and cheesecake combo.

Funny Boba Captions for Instagram

  • Wash down what you eat with delicious milk tea.
  • We have the biggest straws for your boba.
  • We love you from the bottom of our bobas.
  • We serve goodness that bubbles.
  • Welcoming autumn with a lovely bubble tea.
  • We’ll make you feel bubbly.
  • We’ll take care of your boba.
  • When sad, have a boba.
  • Whoever conceptualized the idea of milk tea is the father/mother of all inventions.
  • Will someone give a Nobel Prize to the inventor of milk tea?

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  • Your best-teas are welcome here.
  • You’ll love our big, bubbly cups.
  • You’re a cute-tea.


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