150+ Best Ocean and Marine Pick Up Lines

Ocean and Marine Pick Up Lines for Her

Do you have a passion for the sea? Do you wish to hit on a stunning girl or a hot guy that enjoys Marine life? Are you going to a water park like Sea World or an aquarium like the Aquarium? Use these smart marine life pick up lines to get their attention. They feature a variety of marine mammals, fish, and other creatures. With these amusing sea life pick up lines that work, you’ll wow them! In this post, we have compiled over 150+ best Ocean and Marine Pick Up Lines for you.

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  • A shark just ate my girlfriend, will you be my new one?
  • Ahh snap girl, you fine! (Because we’re snapping turtles.) (Turtle)
  • Anyone ever tell you, you’ve got one sh*?* of a body? (Turtle)
  • Are you Jelly? (Jellyfish)
  • Are you Swedish? Because you’re the sweetish fish in the sea!
  • Are you a sea bu*terfly? Because I’m caught in your trap.
  • Are you a shark? Because I got some swimmers for you to swallow.
  • Are you a whale? Because I like your blow h*le.
  • Are you an octopus? Because you octopi my thoughts.
  • Are you coral reef? Because I’m in love with your beauty.
  • Are you farm-raised or do you have to be wild caught?
  • Call me Ishmael……… (Octopus)
  • Can I put my tank into your mall?
  • Dang girl are you Dory from finding Nemo? Because I know you remember me.
Dang girl are you Dory from finding Nemo Because I know you remember me.Pin
  • Can i put a little more sauce into your life?
  • Come back with me and I will show you how dolphin talks.
  • Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Probably not, because of your protective sh*?*.
  • Didn’t I see you on the cover of Marine Biology Monthly? (Octopus)
  • Do ya mind if I stick this under your mantle? (Octopus)
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I swim by again?
  • Do you like pet sh*?*fish? Because I have a very sweet clam you should pet.
  • Do you like seafood? Because I’ve got crabs.
  • Do you masturbate to Shark Week too?!
  • Do you work here, because you smell of tuna?
  • Do your dolphins do any tricks?
  • Excuse me, but do you like whales? (yeah, why) Because I was thinking that we could
    “humpback” at my place.
  • Gimme some fin. Noggin’. Dude!
  • Girl, you look ancient—considering we’re one of the oldest species on earth, that’s a
    compliment. (Turtle)
  • Hey babe, let’s do it dolphin style.
  • Hey babe, mind if I grab your ?
  • Hey baby, are you a calorimeter? Because you’re hot and I’d like to stick my probe into
  • Hey baby, are you a marine biologist? Because I’d like to hist the club and seal the
    deal with you.
  • Hey baby, let’s play meiosis. Why don’t you go first and split your legs.
  • Hey baby, wanna free my Willy?
  • Hey baby, you look like a carbon copy of a 21-year-old chick I know. I’d like to go down
    on you.
  • Are you just pleased to meet me, or is that an Architeuthis in your trousers? (Octopus)

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Best Ocean and Marine Pick Up Lines Pin
  • Hey girl, where you fin all my life?
  • Hey, ever ridden a dolphin?
  • Hey,do you want to play titanic?
  • How about I take you out to a nice seafood dinner and never call you again
  • How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice.
  • How are you chewing? (Shark)
  • I bet you love blowholes.
  • I bet your tank isn’t as hot as you are.
  • I can be your hero in a half sh*?*. (Turtle)
  • I can get you as wet as the ocean.
  • I can talk in a high-pitched dolphin voice… EE ee eeee E.. E.. Eee E E Ee
  • I can’t afford a ticket to sea world so can I just see your dolphin show?
  • I enjoy tails and midnight stroll along the beach… want to dig a giant breeding
    h*le together? (Turtle)
  • I heard you and the ocean both specialize in chafing.
  • I know you’re naturally cold-blooded, but how about you give me a chance to warm you up.
  • I love seafood, and your breath smells like crab cakes.
  • I love your dress. It’s soFISHticated.
  • I love your rainbow trout, o my kiss!
  • I might be left shark, but I’m the right shark for you.
  • I really respect a mollusk who doesn’t have to hide in a sh*?* and can just be herself.
  • I saw you and I was hooked.
  • I speak whale.
  • I think my firefish wants to hide in your live rock
  • I used to hate algae, but it’s starting to grow on me.
  • I wanna eat you if that’s okay? (Shark)
  • I want to be the clownfish to your sea anemone.
  • I whale shower you with love.
  • I Whaley love you
  • I wish we can be the type of jellyfish that lives forever, so I can love you forever.
  • I would swim 100 miles up the Amazon River with 50-kilogram weights tied to my scrotum,
    with nothing more than Ellen DeGeneres’s queefs as my air supply, if it meant that I
    could have one seafood dinner with you over Skype, using a dial-up internet connection …
    So what do you say, can I have your number?
  • Are you an archerfish? Because you just spit on me a little while you were talking and I’ve fallen prey to you.

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Are you an archerfish Because you just spit on me a little while you were talking and I’ve fallen prey to you.Pin
  • I’d hide my heat deep in your ocean.
  • I’d stick my neck out for you. (Turtle)
  • I’ll give you a ride that you won’t have to wait in line for.
  • I’m a shark.
  • I’m hot, but you are otter.
  • I’m large and in charge. Giant, actually. Can you handle it? (Turtle)
  • If I told you, you had great chromatophores, would you hold them against me? (Octopus)
  • If I were a dolphin, I’d rape you first.
  • If you sit up front, I’ll make you wet.
  • If you were a fish, you’d be a Clownfish.
  • If you were a fish, you’d be an Angelfish.
  • If you were a manatee I’d want to be your food, and spend a long time inside you.
  • Ill plunge my ship into your ocean.
  • In your eyes I see oceans, and one large floating trash pile.
  • Is that a goldfish in your pants or are you just happy to see me
  • I’d really like to introduce my eel to your clam.
  • Just like the whales, I can hold my breath for as long as it takes as well.
  • Let’s get out of these wetsuits, and into a dry, awkward moment we’ll never talk about
  • Let’s goby somewhere alone
  • Let’s take things slow. Because that’s the only speed I’ve got. (Turtle)
  • Loving you is a no-brainer. (Jellyfish)
  • My sh*?* or yours?
  • Of course, there’s lots of fish in the sea, but you’re looking at a s*?*? land beast.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, you’ve got it all… because you’re scaly. (Turtle)
  • Once you’ve had me, baby, you’ll never go back; mostly because you’ll starve to death
    while protecting your eggs. (Octopus)
  • Polar Bear… I just wanted to break the ice.
  • Pssh… I’m not the only one who smells like fish.
  • So you chicks wanna see my six-inch catfish or what?
  • Some scientists classify me as “Vulgaris”, but I’m really sweet once you get to know me.
  • Something smells fishy about this place… Let’s get outta here.
  • Stroke my dolphin.
  • That has got to be the sealiest thing I’ve ever heard.
  • The “Angry Walrus” is my favourite s*?xual trick.
  • There are a lot of fish in the sea, but you’re the only one I’d like to catch and mount
    back home.
  • There are five oceans, seven continents, and only one person like you!
  • They call me, “Portuguese Man-of-War,” but I’m really just a jellyfish of love.
  • They don’t call me a s****-whale for nothing.
  • Tonight I can make you ink.
  • Tonight I would be a hermit no more.
  • Wanna create some adorable little hatchings of our own? (Turtle)
  • Wanna cuttle? (Cuttlefish)
  • Wanna have my tadpoles swim to your pond?
  • Wanna help me clean my pump?
  • Wanna hold my eel? He is a slippery fella.
  • Wanna make a seafood palette? You bring your mussels back to my place and I’ll show you
    my clam.
  • Wanna snorkel with my dorkel?
  • We don’t typically mate for life, but for you, I’d reconsider it. (Turtle)
  • We should team up to help our species not go extinct. (Turtle)
  • Whale Whale Whale. What do we have here?
  • Whale be mine?
  • What a beautiful specimen, so exotic…
  • What do you say we go behind this rock and seal the deal?
  • What does the ocean and me have in common? We both leave a bad taste in your mouth…
  • What happens when you drop a whale on thin ice? her: what? you: it breaks the ice. hi,
    i’m (your name).
  • What if I say, I’m not like the otters.
  • What kind of fish is funny? A clownfish.
  • What’s a gal like you in an ocean like this?
  • Why don’t we molt into something a little more comfortable? (Turtle)
  • Will you be mine? Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine?
  • Would you like to go home and see my catfish?
  • You are so hot, you are turning all the sh*?* fishes red.
  • You can be the ocean & I’ll go down on you
  • You can call me Nemo because I’m never afraid to touch the b****
  • You don’t look a day over a hundred and thirty. (Turtle)
  • You had me at lobster.
  • You know what else is slippery when wet? (Sea Lion)
  • You know what happen to be from the future and I sea you lion in my bed.
  • You look shy. Let me help you come out of your sh*?*—but not too far. (Turtle)
  • You make me feel like a sea cuc*mber, because when I first saw you my stomach dropped
    out of my .
  • You must be Nemo, because I have been looking for you.
  • You must be made of oceanic crust because I feel like you should be subducted beneath me.
  • You must be on the seafood diet. When you see food, you eat it!
  • You otter come over here cutie!
  • You’re like a prize-winning fish… I don’t know whether to eat you or mount you.
  • Your Thermador cracks my sh*?*.
  • Your beak says no, but your hearts say yes, no, and maybe. (Octopus)
  • Your coral lips were made to kiss.
  • You’re so cute I could turn myself inside out and digest you.
  • hey baby, show me your feeders and I’ll show you mine
  • ou can call me the Titanic and I’ll call you the Pacific Ocean cause I’d love to hit
    your iceberg and sink into you.
  • wanna try guppy style?
  • We hope you have read all the Ocean and Marine Pick Up Lines. Use these chat up lines with someone you feel special.

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Ocean and Marine Pick Up Lines for HerPin
Ocean and Marine Pick Up Lines for Her


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