10 Promises All Couples Should Be Able to Make to Each Other

Promises All Couples Should Be Able to Make to Each Other

10 Promises All Couples Should Be Able to Make to Each Other
10 Promises All Couples Should Be Able to Make to Each Other

When you’re in a committed relationship, it’s often easy to take your partner for granted. While you probably make plenty of promises to each other verbally, it’s helpful to also have them written down and formally agreed upon by both parties. That way, you both know what the other person expects of you and can feel confident that your partner will live up to his or her end of the deal, too. Here are 10 promises all couples should be able to make to each other.

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No matter how long two people have been together, they should be able to make promises to each other that they will always keep and will never break. These 10 promises will help your relationship to become stronger than ever before!

1) I promise to always be honest with you

The foundation of any successful relationship is trust. There are endless little instances of dishonesty that chip away at our partners’ ability to believe in us and therefore, in our relationship. Often it’s hard for one person to spot when they’re being dishonest, so it’s important that you get better at noticing how your partner responds when he or she feels like you’re not being 100 percent truthful. If you can promise your partner that you’ll always be honest with them, there will be no doubt about your commitment or trustworthiness.

2) I promise to never hurt you intentionally

Are you dealing with a partner who doesn’t have good boundaries? Are they always taking advantage of you and trying to be manipulative? It’s okay to tell them that you won’t tolerate it. In fact, it’s imperative that both partners stand up for themselves and not let their significant other push them around. Without respect in a relationship, there is no healthy love. Period.

3) I promise to be there for you no matter what

I promise you I will love you when your hair is grey, when your waistline begins to grow and when wrinkles begin creeping across your face. I will still be by your side throughout it all because despite what life throws at us, our relationship is more important than any circumstances we may find ourselves in. The only thing that matters are these vows and my pledge that I will always be here for you; no matter what.

4) I promise to make time for us

It’s easy for partners to get caught up in their own lives. I promise to always make time for us—even if we only have 15 minutes. If that means skipping a workout, I can do it. Staying fit is great, but my relationship is more important. At least once a week, I will set aside time just for us: Whether it’s dinner and a movie or a walk in the park, making time for each other sets our relationship apart from all others. We don’t have any secrets: Confiding in each other builds trust and helps prevent problems before they start—like having an affair or keeping money hidden from your partner.

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5) I promise to listen

While being heard is important, it’s equally important for your partner to know that you are listening. To ensure that your partner feels listened to, you need to make sure you can focus completely on their words. This requires eliminating distractions—turn off any phones or televisions and ask them if there’s anything else going on that might distract you. While they speak, don’t feel like you have to interject or agree with everything they say—just listen. And be honest with them when they ask if anything distracted you while they were speaking.

6) I promise not to let us be defined by our mistakes

We all make mistakes, some more catastrophic than others. It’s human nature. What makes us who we are is not our ability to avoid mistakes but how we handle them when they happen. Good couples know that making promises about never making a mistake only sets you up for failure, both individually and as a couple. Instead, focus on how you plan to move forward from any mistake so that it doesn’t become your defining moment together.

7) I promise to support your dreams

Knowing that your significant other is there for you, no matter what it is you’re striving for in life, has got to be one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Whether it’s finishing your degree or running that marathon, we should all know by now how important support and encouragement are when achieving a goal. It’s tough getting where you want to go sometimes; having someone who believes in you makes all the difference.

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8) I promise you’ll always come first

You’re a lot of things to a lot of people, but your relationship with your significant other should be one of your top priorities. And as such, you should do everything in your power to ensure that what’s good for them is also good for you. Of course, there will be times when they want something that’s bad for you—and vice versa—but in those moments you need to do whatever it takes (and it will take a lot) to put their needs first. Your partner might not always reciprocate and might even get angry with you, but don’t let that deter you from doing what’s right. If they come first then problems should never get out of hand and compromise shouldn’t have to exist.

9) I promise to work hard at our relationship every day

Research has shown that one of the things successful couples have in common is they both invest in their relationship every day. This means putting time, thought, and effort into making your partner happy. It’s not something you just do on special occasions; it’s a mindset that can be applied throughout your life together. For example, if you see a fun movie playing on a Friday night but your significant other wants to stay home and watch TV, put aside your own interests for an evening and go see what they want to see. It doesn’t need to be huge gestures—just make sure there are no days when you stop trying to put their needs first. After all, if you want something as important as marriage, it makes sense to try hard at it every day.

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10) And most importantly, I will always love you

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know that saying I love you isn’t always easy. Some people have a difficult time putting their feelings into words. But it’s important to get these feelings out there and make sure your significant other knows how much they mean to you. That’s why we suggest vowing (yes, vows!) from time to time that your partner is the one. Your partner is what keeps things steady and grounded for you. They’re with you through thick and thin—and are someone who’ll always be there when life gets rough.

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