7 Simple Ways to Talk to Strangers and Make Them Love You

Simple Ways to Talk to Strangers and Make Them Love You

7 Simple Ways to Talk to Strangers and Make Them Love You
7 Simple Ways to Talk to Strangers and Make Them Love You

Are you interested in making new friends but afraid of what to say to strangers? It’s easy to talk to strangers if you keep it simple and follow these seven tips on how to talk to strangers. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to make new friends at social events and parties without worrying about what to say. Before long, you’ll be an expert on the subject of simple ways to talk with a stranger!

1) Practice saying hello

Learning how to talk with strangers is a challenge for many people. If you’re going to work on your social skills, it’s important that you start practicing in a non-threatening way. Instead of staring people down, try smiling at them as they walk by. Not only will it help get rid of any fear or awkwardness—if you smile when talking with someone, they’ll usually return the favor—but it’s also an excellent way to get used to smiling without feeling weird. If you like, try taking some time every day just to go around and say hello or ask how someone is doing.

2) Don’t stare but look around

There’s no denying that staring at a stranger can feel awkward. And it doesn’t always lead to anything positive, either. So, when you do see someone worth getting acquainted with, try turning your gaze away from them as soon as possible. But don’t look down or away too quickly—it looks just as unnatural. Instead, once you’ve made eye contact with someone you want to talk to, shift your eyes around a bit. Look up; look down; check out what’s happening around you; glance in his or her direction again.

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3) Match their energy level

When meeting a stranger, try matching their energy level. Stand up straight, make eye contact, smile widely, and speak loudly if they do. On top of making you feel more comfortable talking with them, it will make them feel more at ease as well—giving you an opportunity to connect. And who knows? Maybe you’ll make a new friend. People love meeting others who are just like them!

4 Simple Ways to Talk to Strangers
Simple Ways to Talk to Strangers

4) Go where people are likely to speak to you

It’s easier to talk to people if you can meet them where they’re at. If you want to start a conversation with a stranger in public, think about whether there are locations where it would be likely for them to talk back. For example, if you see a young couple holding hands while they walk down the street, or two coworkers having an intense discussion about their weekend plans over lunch—these are great opportunities for you. They’re physically close together already, so it’s very unlikely that one of them will make you feel like a nuisance. Instead, their natural reaction will be curiosity (either because they think it looks fun or because they think something is wrong). And people usually love talking about themselves!

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5) Smile

It’s natural to feel nervous when talking with someone you don’t know, but if you look friendly, it puts your conversation partner at ease. The next time you walk by someone on a crowded sidewalk, try smiling. Or find yourself standing in line at a cafe behind an interesting-looking stranger. Just ask them about their day or give them a compliment on something they’re wearing! At worst, they might just ignore you or say no thanks. But at best, your small talk could lead to an exciting new friendship.

6) Say goodbye

When in public, you’re often forced into a situation where speaking with strangers is unavoidable. Whether it’s on a bus, at an event or restaurant—and sometimes even at work—it can be difficult to strike up a conversation with someone. However, if you want to become more outgoing, you need to get out of your comfort zone and start talking more. But how? Well, it could be that just saying goodbye is all you need!

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7) Try practicing in other places!

In addition to going outside, you should start practicing your social skills at other places too. This can be as simple as asking someone for help in a store. But you also need to learn how to be able to strike up a conversation with strangers in public places, like restaurants or movie theaters. It might seem intimidating at first, but it’s not so hard once you get into it. Keep an eye out for people who have similar interests or are open-minded enough that they wouldn’t mind talking about politics or something current events-related—these are often great conversation starters!

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