350+ Best Thirst Trap Captions for Instagram 2022

Best Thirst Trap Captions for Instagram 2022

350+ Best Thirst Trap Captions for Instagram 2022
350+ Best Thirst Trap Captions for Instagram 2022

It’s the age old question – how do you write an Instagram caption that will get your audience salivating to hit the like button, but not make them cringe in disgust? Using these captions ideas you will be able to craft your very own Thirst Trap Captions for Instagram! #followforfollowback. Here are 350+ best thirst trap captions for Instagram in 2022.

A Momma Never Puts Her Kids First

A classic picture of getting trapped in a hole never goes out of style! It seems as though these days more people than ever

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Ain’t nobody got time to be frustrated today. #yolo

All my exes have been chainsaws!

And we turn them, haters, into believers

Be as you are.

Be careful what you post because everything on social media lasts forever!

Be yourself and don’t worry what people might think!

Be yourself because being someone else won’t make your dreams come true anyways.

Beauty isn’t about being perfect; beauty is being brave in all its forms.

Best friends: they’re always there when I need them the most.

Blessed to be a blessing.

Bobbing for apples, please!?

Bruh, the struggle is real.

Burnt out from all the stress ?️? Quick break is needed.

Call me daddy, I’ll be your little girl.

Can you handle this much thickness?

Can’t Hide From Your Feelings

Can’t nobody tell me anything about my life! #notimpressedwithyou

Cause you to know I will be in control

Daddy will buy me anything I want if I am good. He’s the best!

Damn girl, you are a queen!

Damn man!! You’re trapping humans? That’s illegal!!! We need to call animal control right away!

Damn, I can’t even find a caption for this thirst trap

Damn, I’m fly as hell

Damn, girl! You look good!

Dance like nobody is watching (you deserve it)

Do I Look Like I Care?

Do not let anyone define your limits because they don’t know where yours begin

Do not take life too seriously because being alive is a gift (sunglasses emoji)

Do what makes your heart happy because we only get one life, so do it with gusto!

Don’t Let Them Tell You That It Can’t Be Done. Show Them That Yes We Can.

Don’t Quote Me In Your Bio, Expectations Are Killing Us All. Don’t Expect Anything.

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Don’t Trust A Bitch With An Untied Shoelace

Don’t be a square, wear your heart on your sleeve.

Don’t fear color.

Don’t let anything stand in your way today!

Don’t let society dictate who you are!

Don’t sweat the small stuff because life is short and you never know when it can be over. Be happy with what you have now instead of worrying about tomorrow.

Don’t trust anyone with a Yeezy.

Don’t be afraid of your thoughts and imagination; explore them!

Double dare ya!

Dreams come true, don’t give up on yours yet.

Drink it up, don’t waste it.

Dude, that thing has been following us for like 20 minutes now!! It even came in here looking for us! What do we do?!? _ Just keep walking or something will see our plan! That damn cat!

Every soul needs a stage. Give them one to shine on with your love and support!

Everybody wants something – but nobody really knows what they want out of life more than anything else

Everything from our lyrics to shirts to chains is made strictly off of vibes. We’re living life on the edge son!

Everything was better before they put traps under bridges!

Faded with my bae

Fake it till you make it, ladies!

Feeling like a boss today! #bosslife

Flawless beauty, inside and out.

Follow your heart and live as if this is your last day on earth!

Friday’s right around the corner and I can’t come in here without a smile on my face, know what I mean?

Get Your Money Up!

Gettin Money In One Way Or Another

Go out there and show the world what you are made of

God’s plan for me is good. He knew what he was doing when he put you next to me (sunglasses emoji)

Gonna post another selfie because you’re the one who said no to bae last night?

Gonna ride my bike today.

He/She is too hot to handle!

Hey bitch, what’s up?

Hit up daddy’s DMs if you wanna see more pics like these.

Home is where the heart is, and my heart’s in Texas.

Honesty is the best policy!

How are you not trying? You’re so beautiful!

How is that possible? I just met him/her last night!

Hugs and kisses sounds good! What about kisses? Or maybe something else?

I Ain’t Here To Freestyle, I Just Came Here For The Paper

I Ain’t Living For Nobody But Myself

I Do It Like This Cause You Know My Shit Be Lit

I Just Came Here To Chill, Not Be Some Fool

I ain’t never been caught in a trap before, but I heard this is just how you get them dirty hoes

I always get a good vibe when I see your face

I am beautiful.

I am strong. I have a voice, and I refuse to be silenced!

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

Funny thirst trap captions for Instagram

I am the trap lord

I am the trap lord and it’s my birthday!

I am worthy!

I can make a mud pie and eat it too.

I can’t believe it’s not butter.

I can’t believe that I fell into a trap this time. What was I thinking?

I can’t even believe I’m this cute.

I can’t stop laughing at myself. or Someone tells me what they’re about to do! with a filter of the word ‘laughing’.

I caught the most forbidden fruit of them all.

I caught this beautiful girl in a trap so she can’t escape me anymore!

I didn’t know that you could use numbers for captions! Do they have other letters?

I didn’t mean to step on the damn thing, now my shoe smells like rat piss. And don’t forget about that cheese!

I don’t care what they say

I don’t know if I want kids. What are they even good for?

I don’t know if this is love, but it feels like home.

I don’t know what I did but they mad at me…

I don’t know why people think this statue looks so cool…he seems really creepy to me.

I don’t need anybody (heart emoji)

I don’t need money, cause I got that trap thing goin’ on!

I don’t take selfies, I take memories.

I even got a new tat for my old boss, he wanted to know when we were gonna start making some money.

I got all these hoes shook to the core.

I had a guy come up to me and say I bet there’s an expensive chair behind you said, No, it was just my shadow.

I herd u liek mud

I just made a sandwich and my crush walked in.

I know that my voice can change someone’s day because it did mine.

I love being me. You’ll never be happy until you like who you are first and that takes work, but once you get there it’s worth it for sure.

I love it when you call me daddy

I love my body, and you should too.

I love my life! with a filter of the word ‘love’.

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I love myself today and I forgive yesterday.

I love you, please don’t die on me.

I might not be the best rapper, but I’m so hood

I need more of this ????

I said I was a hunter, not an animal!

I speak fashion (sunglasses emoji)

I was born sexy, make sure you show it!

I will show you what real beauty looks like to the dark side: light, love & life!

I woke up looking like Beyonce but I left the house looking more Rihanna

I would apologize, but I really don’t think so!

I’ll Be The Last One Standing

I’ll just stand here and photograph this mud for you.

I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

I’m A Hustler So I’m Always Working On Something New

I’m A Savage, So If You’re Feeling Savage This Summer, Then We Have Just What You Need!

I’m Bout To Drop A Hot One

I’m Cute, I Know It

I’m Gonna Get It

I’m In The Building

I’m Losing Control

I’m On My Mission

I’m Riding My Bike And I Don’t Care Who Knows

I’m The One For You

I’m The One That Got Away, I’m The One You Should’ve Kissed

I’m The Realest

I’m Thinking Of You

I’m a damsel in distress.

I’m feeling like a cup of coffee.

Short Thirst trap Captions for twitter

I’m going to show you the path, then we can get that money

I’m just a simple nigga in the trap

I’m just being me!

I’m living my best life!

I’m looking for a good time, not a long time.

I’m not a rapper but this is some real talk

I’m not a rapper, I just rap

I’m not a thug but I know people who are…

I’m not basic, I’m a whole different level.

I’m not in the mood today…my apologies.

I’m not just a trap queen, I’m the Trap Empress!

I’m not just a trap, I’m a goddamn snare drum.

I’m not just pretty for an Asian.

I’m not perfect but I’m so beautiful no one can tell me otherwise

I’m not perfect, and I don’t even want to be!

I’m not perfect, but I know my worth.

I’m not perfect, but I’m limited edition.

I’m not really here. I was just taking a quick break from my busy life to say hello!

I’m not sure what I want to do with my life.

I’m not sweating it, man. It’s all good!

I’m not talking to you

I’m not the kind of person to tell you that everything’s gonna be alright. But I am here to remind you that they say time heals all wounds

I’m not thirsty but come on now…

I’m not thirsty, but thanks.

I’m not thirsty, but you’re still cute (smiling and winking emoji)

I’m not your average girl. I know what I want and how to get it.

I’m on The Take

I’m one heck of a woman.

I’m rugged like a mountain, but smooth like a chocolate river.

I’m so fly, I should be on Southwest Airlines.

I’m so gangsta, my barcode starts with 6.

I’m so happy!

I’m so hood I got the streets in my blood

I’m so proud of you.

I’m sorry for yelling at you.

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I’m sorry if my success offends any of your insecurities

I’m sorry sir, but you’re just not my type.

I’m sorry, sir. You look like a piggy in the middle of this photo.

I’m that bitch

I’m the bait to get your attention.

I’m the reason all your friends are basic.

I’m the reason why they call it “Trap Music.”

I’m the trap J. Cole

I’m thirsty, but I refuse to show my thirst.

I’m too lit for the trap

I’m too pretty for this world…

I’m tryna get some DMs

I’m turning up with my crew, I don’t need your phone number!

I’m worth it!

I’ve been catching these beats for a decade and they still ain’t got me yet

I’ve been on my grind and now it’s time to celebrate with myself.

I’ve been waiting my whole life for you, and now I finally have you.

I’ve got 99 problems but my shoe game ain’t one.

If I were a country girl, would you still love me?

If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It

If It Ain’t Successful Yet I Won’t Quit Till We Get There!

If You Ain’t Living Your Life, Who The Hell Is?

If he’s trying to protect me from evil spirits and demons then we’re probably soulmates (happiness and love emojis)

If it ain’t trap music then don’t play!

If it’s too difficult or too scary, then it’s just not for you.

If only they knew who had been standing there before them waiting patiently for their next victim…

If the world was saved by my booty then it would be a beautiful place. You can take that one as literal or figurative.

If there was a world where everyone felt safe and loved, how beautiful would that be? -Kristen Bell #TrapCaptionsForInstagram

If you ain’t living for yourself, then who are you living for?

Beach thirst trap captions for Instagram

If you don’t have anything nice to say, then come find me and I’ll give it to you

If you don’t know me by now, then you never will.

If you don’t love me then I’ma leave y’all

If you’re going to be weird, then we can’t be friends

It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving! Everybody gets knocked down in life, some just take longer than others before getting back up again

It feels good when I do things for myself.

It must be nice having a boyfriend who doesn’t cheat on you as often as mine does!

It’s a girl thing, you wouldn’t understand.

It’s been one day and he/she already took over my thoughts! One whole day!

It’s my time to shine!

It’s okay that you’re different because there’s something about you that makes the world better.

It’s okay to be wild & free.

It’s only when we are no longer afraid that we can begin to live freely and fully.

It’s so hard being away from those we love on Christmas Day.

It’s time for me

Just do me one favor: Stay away from me & mine. You’ve done enough damage already.

Just kidding, I’m on vacation (sunglasses emoji)

Keep it one hundred.

Keep my head up high because that’s what they do on TV

Keep your head up, man. You’re doing great!

Kiss me and I’ll be your girlfriend anytime

Kiss me on the phone.

Lace and Leather

Life goes on, even if it doesn’t always seem like a good idea at first

Lil Mama Can’t Hurt Me Now. That’s All In The Past.

Lil’ mama I got that water wetter than a damn lake.

Live every day like it’s your last one!

Live life like there is no tomorrow.

Live your dreams today because you never know what tomorrow will bring us.

Live your life without fear of judgment.

Look at me. I can do this.

Love is precious and needs to be nurtured.

Love me the way I am and be proud of who I have become!

Maybe I Was Wrong, But You Were Always Right

Met my crush today! This must be what it feels like to have a superpower.

Money Ain’t A Thing

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Money On My Mind

Mr. Piggy, huh?! You better believe I am gonna find out who did THAT!! It was too funny not to share

My Money’s All Green Except When It Comes To My Weed And Alcohol.

My best friend is probably the most popular person on social media here at school because whenever he walks into class with mud all over his shoes from earlier, it’s no secret where he went!

My face when people say they don’t like this app or that song because it doesn’t have enough features or songs yet…

My fiancé has this weird habit of collecting used cigarette butts from the street. It’s so gross!

My lips are so shiny and moist. You can’t tell me anything about them grapefruits.

My momma said don’t do drugs and then she saw me getting high off of trap music at night!

My music is dope and so am I!

Never Scared To Shoot A Shot Tonight And Let It Fly Away With Me Gone Tomorrow Make Sure That’s Yours Too.

Next time somebody asks if I wanna catch a quick nut with them and it’s an open floor plan, beep me

No Talkin’, No Social Media

No Talking, I’m Just Here for the Cash

No filter needed, this is me with no makeup and all-natural.

No filter, just me.

No matter how many times they knock on my door, I refuse to let them in any longer. They’ll never take away the happiness from within again. It’s mine now & forever!

No matter what happens, I love you forever and always.

Okay, but how you get that body? (Follow me)

Only I know what will make me happy today

Oops, I guess this is a really bad place to stand.

Put Your Hands Up, Put ‘Em Up For The Paper Work!

Put your hair in curlers before you leave the crib so it’s done when you get home. Girl bye!

Queen of the trap

See how we living, man?!?

See the beauty in your mistakes

Self-love is a revolutionary act.

Self-love is not selfish.

She believed she could, so she did.

Some people are intimidated by my aura which is why I always have this on standby

Stay humble and keep working hard. #workhardplayharder or I’m just being real.

Stay woke…stay live.

Take a chance, you have nothing to lose!

Thank you for being so patient when all I wanted was food.

That doesn’t make any sense, man!

That’s my favorite spot to show off a new outfit from the latest drop

The beat will never stop so get in on that bumpin’ party vibe.

The beauty of life is always in charge; we just need to pay attention to see what is really important now.

Thirst trap captions for TikTok

The best thing about social media is being able to share with people all around the world my life’s little moments and mishaps for everyone to see!

The best things happen when I least expect them, Hoes get money! with a filter that says ‘hoes’, or Keepin’ it classy!.

The best things in life are free.

The future is female.

The king in my castle, I’m his queen and he’s always on my mind. Trap music is an escape for me when I can’t be with him.

The only thing missing is my lashes on fleek.

The only thing that’s more powerful than me is a dope beat and some 80s!

The struggle is too real.

The trap will set you free

The world isn’t perfect; life never goes according to plan.

There are four types of people in this world: Those who can count, and those that cannot.

There’s no need for perfection.

These red lips could stop a war… but it’s still not worth fighting over because they are mine for life now ♡♡♡

They ain’t living the best life though, I do admit that much. But who cares? Not us – we livin’ good!”.

They can’t tell me anything about my life because they never had it like that. –

They say “home is where the heart is,” but mine’s in a trap house.

They say nothing tastes as sweet as revenge does…so give me a second chance and I’ll show you.

This ain’t no run-up that we talking bout, this is for life or death!

This apple is ripe but will never spoil; because it was picked from the tree of love with care ♥♥

This body isn’t made up of just one part – it’s the whole package.

This is how it feels when you find out that someone likes you back.

This is the best day of my life

This is the best day of my life…except when it rains because then that means a storm is coming.

This is what happens when your friends are more afraid of heights than spiders.

This is what we call a ‘stunning’ view!

This is what’s up in Vegas right now…coming at you live and direct! (okay so maybe this one only applies if you’re actually in Las Vegas)

This is your captain speaking: fly safely today!

This isn’t going to be pretty…but what else should we expect when two worlds collide like so much sand and oil?!

This rock looks great on you…so much better than it did on me though!

This too shall pass!

Tie me to your ankles and pull me back home!

To Live Is To Survive, And I Am A Survivor

Trap queen, please

Used to drink like water but now it’s champagne on ice all day every day. And when it’s time for you to get your drank on? – It’s only natural that we pour up together,

Vaporized off the map

Wallowing in my own misery and then.

Water is life, nature is love.

We Are Trap Stars

We Gon’ Be Fine

We don’t need any water let the motherf*cker burn

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What I would do for my favorite person in the world?

What you doin’

What you want from me, man?

What’s Going On With You? What’chu Want From Me?

What’s the point in being friends when we’re madly in love?

What’s up now? Where are you right now? What should I bring to the barbecue this weekend?!

When I die, you’re gonna buy my album in heaven because it’s going to be higher quality than anything on Earth!

When life gives me lemons, I take selfies!

When someone is so lit that you can’t see their eyes. or Woke up like this with a filter of the word ‘lit’.

When you’re going through hell just keep on walking. – Winston Churchill

Where You Been?

Why don’t you come over and have a drink with me? (with two drinks in hand)

Woke up feeling like a woman today!

Woke up like this!

Y’all thirsty af!

Yeezy got me like YEEZY!

You Ain’t Knowin’

You Got My Attention Now Go And Get Your Paper Straight

You Might Think That I Ain’t Got A Plan But Believe Me, Girl, What Am Doing Right Now Is Planning To Win And Take Over Everything!

You are enough just as you are. You always have been and you always will be.

You are the sun in all of my selfies.

You can always buy me something but never call again.

You can be all things but you ain’t never been nothing like me before.

You can take the man out of the forest but not all his dirt with him #nofilter

You can’t fight fate; your destiny has already been written into my heart ♥♥

You can’t handle this much ass.

You deserve it or What’s up cutie? with a filter of sunglasses on their face and text that says ‘Next level swag’ in caps lock.

You don’t know what will happen next so live in the moment.

You don’t need permission to follow your dreams!

You know the drill.

You look so good right now. Damn

You should probably just stop talking now because you are boring me so much right now that I cannot even take listening to your voice for another second of my entire lifetime.

You still got that work? The last time we talked about it, you said your shit was strong as hell!

You were born in the trap, molded by it…

Short Thirst Trap Captions for Instagram

You’re beautiful in every single way of the world (not just looks).

You’re making me hungry! What’s for dinner tonight?

You’re my bitch, but you love me too much to tell me the truth about myself 🤭

You’re my favorite type of basic

You’re not in style, you ARE the trend.

You’re not my person.

You’re not one to talk about big game hunting, are you? Now, what are your thoughts on mouse trapping?

You’re officially invited to my birthday party!

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You’re only as good as your last show, cause right now you ain’t even nobody

You’re so cute! I’m going to keep you forever and ever.

You’re so fly that if airplanes had wings, the sky would be jealous of how high up in the clouds you could soar

You’re still mine #baeforever

You’re the boss!

You’re the only one I see.

You’re too cute not to share! Let’s get that selfie flowing right here, Hunny bunny 🐰

Your face when you saw a trap in a pair of Yeezys.

Your face when you saw my new shoes.

Your girl is so cute, she’s like my little sister. Except that we’re not related in any way shape or form. But you know what I mean?

Your new favorite artist

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