40+ Best Questions to Ask in ‘Dirty Pick a Number Game’

‘Dirty pick a number game’ is a funny number question game in which you can create a variety of questions that are sorted numerically. Then you must ask your family and friends the questions. Participants in the game must choose a number of questions that they believe they can or wish to answer. Participants may be asked to choose a number as the response to a question in various instances.

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Best Questions to Ask in ‘Dirty Pick a Number Game’

Here are the questions you can use in the dirty pick a number game.

Have you ever faced any of the following situations?

  • Bunk school or college classes
  • Consumed restricted drugs
  • Tried to harm yourself
  • Took alcohol
  • Fallen in love
  • Broken relationships
  • Kissed anyone
  • Hugged someone
  • Slapped someone in public
  • Cried lonely at night in bed
  • Fell in love with anyone through social media
  • Have you lost someone very close to you
  • Felt lonely
  • Laughed hard until tears rolled out from your eyes
  • Which of the following do you enjoy the most?
  • Film
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Reading a book
  • Surfing your social-media account
  • What do you think about the following?
  • Years
  • Zodiac sign
  • Best place to visit
  • The longest lasted relationship
  • The number is the biggest insecurity
  • Your intense desire
  • The number of relationship status

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  • Do you have any concepts about the following?
  • Dreaming in the day
  • Having a partner
  • Self-faith
  • Body tattoo
  • A pricking wish
  • Smoking
  • Ghosts

Send me a number.

  • Post a picture of yourself.
  • The most recently lie you said.
  • Name of your crush.
  • Post a picture of your crush.
  • You want travel to…
  • The last movie you saw.
  • If you could eat one thing for the rest of your like would be…
  • You can’t live without…
  • Favourite food.
  • The best joke you have ever done.
  • What color is your house?
  • How your room looks like?
  • What you wore today?
  • Post an old picture of you.
  • Favorite TV show.
  • My tumblr crush.
  • Favorite movie.
  • A phrase you will never forget.
  • Your lucky number.
  • Name of your ex.
  • Post a picture of your pet.
  • Name of the person you hate.

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Use these questions in your next dirty pick a number game to impress someone you love. Thanks for reading.


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