Best Questions to Ask in ‘Dirty Pick a Number Game’

Best Questions to Ask in ‘Dirty Pick a Number Game’

‘Dirty pick a number game’ is a funny number question game in which you can create a variety of questions that are sorted numerically. Then you must ask your family and friends the questions. Participants in the game must choose a number of questions that they believe they can or wish to answer. Participants may be asked to choose a number as the response to a question in various instances.

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Here are the questions you can use in the dirty pick a number game.

Have you ever faced any of the following situations?

1.Bunk school or college classes
2.Consumed restricted drugs
3.Tried to harm yourself
4.Took alcohol
5.Fallen in love
6.Broken relationships
7.Kissed anyone
8.Hugged someone
9.Slapped someone in public
10.Cried lonely at night in bed
11.Fell in love with anyone through social media
12.Have you lost someone very close to you
13.Felt lonely
14.Laughed hard until tears rolled out from your eyes

Which of the following do you enjoy the most?
4.Reading a book
5.Surfing your social-media account

What do you think about the following?
2.Zodiac sign
3.Best place to visit
4.The longest lasted relationship
5.The number is the biggest insecurity
6.Your intense desire
7.The number of relationship status

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Do you have any concepts about the following?
1.Dreaming in the day
2.Having a partner
4.Body tattoo
5.A pricking wish

What is your opinion?
1.Opportunities so that one can try repeatedly
2.Abort a child

Send me a number.
1.Post a picture of yourself.
2.The most recently lie you said.
3.Name of your crush.
4.Post a picture of your crush.
5.You want travel to…
6.The last movie you saw.
7.If you could eat one thing for the rest of your like would be…
8.You can’t live without…
9.Favourite food.
10.The best joke you have ever done.
11.What color is your house?
12.How your room looks like?
13.What you wore today?
14.Post an old picture of you.
15.Favorite TV show.
16.My tumblr crush.
17.Favorite movie.
18.A phrase you will never forget.
19.Your lucky number.
20.Name of your ex.
21.Post a picture of your pet.
22.Name of the person you hate.

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Use these questions in your next dirty pick a number game to impress someone you love. Thanks for reading.

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