Top 100 I Want You to Make Love to Me Quotes

Top 100 I Want You to Make Love to Me Quotes

In this post, there are 100+ I Want You to Make Love to Me Quotes. Use these I want you to make love to me quotes to text your loved one. Read all the romantic love quotes for him or her.

  • My desire, my sincere and heartfelt desire is to rip that surprisingly sheer garment from your body, toss you onto that bed, and indeed ravish you from head to toe. I wish to make love to you until you are too exhausted to do so much as stand without support. Until you call out my name in your dreams and reach for me in your sleep. Until you can think of no one and nothing beyond the touch of my hand, the caress of my lips.-Victoria Alexander
  • I wish I could be whole for you…I wish I could hold you and dance with you, take you in my arms and make love to you the way I want to. (Adron) And I’m just grateful I have you at all. It’s not your body or face that I love, Adron. It’s your heart, your soul, and your mind. (Livia)-Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • I love you because you’re the only person I want to make love to without any conditions and—and I love that you need me.-Simone Elkeles
  • Love would never be a promise of a rose garden unless it is showered with light of faith, water of sincerity and air of passion. Sometimes we make love with our eyes. Sometimes we make love with our hands. Sometimes we make love with our bodies. Always we make love with our hearts. If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand. To love another person is to see the face of God.-Victor Hugo
  • I’ll make love to you in all good places, under black mountains and open spaces.-Jethro Tull
Top 100 I Want You to Make Love to Me QuotesPin
  • I look at her wish we could go inside and make love on the couch. Dive inside each other. Take each other. Make each other. Nothing happens, though.-Markus Zusak
  • We attach our feelings to the moment when we were hurt, endowing it with immortality. And we let it ault us every time it comes to mind. It travels with us, sleeps with us, hovers over us while we make love, and broods over us while we die. Our hate does not even have the decency to die when those we hate die-for it is a parasite s*cking OUR blood, not theirs. There is only one remedy for it. [forgiveness]-Lewis B. Smedes
  • The bed must be a beautiful place, not only because you make love there but because you dream there as well.-Anais Nin
Top 100 I Want You to Make Love to Me QuotesPin
Top 100 I Want You to Make Love to Me QuotesPin
  • It takes a hundred times more skill to make love than to command an army.-Ninon de L’Enclos
  • There’s nothing wrong with making love with the light on. Just make sure the car door is closed.-George Burns
  • Men would make love with any number of women … even total strangers, while females were selective. They were catering to the demands of one small egg. While males had millions of frantic sperms screaming: “Let us out, let us out!”.-Woody Allen
  • Making love? It’s a communion with a woman. The bed is the holy table. There I find passion — and purification.-Omar Sharif
  • In love-making, as in other arts, those who do it best cannot tell how it is done.-James M. Barrie

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  • Who could refrain that had a heart to love and in that heart courage to make love known?-William Shakespeare

It’s the right time of the night for making love.-Jennifer Warnes

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  • Music is like making love: either all or nothing.-Isaac Stern
  • Cooking is like making love, you do it well, or you do not do it at all.-Harriet Van Horne
  • A flower is a plant’s way of making love.-Barbara Kingsolver
  • Selfish men make the best lovers. They’re prepared to invest in the women’s pleasures so that they can collect an even bigger dividend for themselves.-J. G. Ballard
  • I love you. Nothing else can explain how crazy you make me. And I want you to stay with me, tonight, tomorrow, and … for as long as it takes to make this right, because I know everything seems completely *?*?ed up right now. But it won’t always be that way. We’ll get it right, won’t we? – Author: C ia Leo
  • Good. I wouldn’t want you to fall madly in love with me. That would make things very complicated when it comes to your beloved Shadow, wouldn’t it? Who’d win the battle for your heart then? The servant or the king? – Author: Mich*?*e Rowen
  • Love is the only thing that will save us, independent of any mistakes we may make. Love is always stronger.-Paulo Coelho
Top 100 I Want You to Make Love to Me QuotesPin
  • i am not a hotel room. i am home
    i am not the whiskey you want
    i am the water you need
    don’t come here with expectations
    and try to make a vacation out of me – Author: Rupi Kaur
  • [ … ] I want to wake up with you in the morning, I want to fight with you in the afternoon, and I want to make love on any and every available surface in this place. And then I want to do it all over again. Come upstairs with me, Sophie. I’ll keep you warm. I’ll keep the darkness away. – Author: Anne Stuart
  • But you stand up for me. You tell me the truth. You make me laugh, and you make me want. You let me be and feel who I am. And you fell in love with me even when you didn’t want to. – Author: Nora Roberts
  • Your mom’s not that bad,” said Jim. “Are you trying to make me mad?” “Okay she is.” “I knew it. You’ve never liked her.” “What’s the right answer?” “So you’re just telling me what I want to hear?” Jim reached over and put a hand on his wifes. “I love you. – Tim Dorsey
  • I know there’s something troubling you. I’m not going to ask what it is, if you don’t want to tell me. But remember that I’m your mother. Nothing you say could ever shock me or make me love you less. – Erin Hunter
  • I want you to see me
    and I know that I’ve never known
    how to make myself visible before. – Darshana Suresh
  • I love you because you’re the only person I want to make love to without any conditions and – and I love that you need me. – Simone Elkeles

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  • I’m giving you everything I have, Triss. I want to be yours, and I want you to be mine. No matter what storms lay ahead of us, I know that as one we can make it. I’m not perfect by anyone’s standards but you make me want to strive to be the best person I can be. – Logan – Karice Bolton

I Love The Way You Make Love to Me Quotes

  • Tonight, we will both discover, how friends turn into lovers, when I make love to you.-Roberta Flack
Top 100 I Want You to Make Love to Me QuotesPin
  • I have to go,” he said. “You don’t understand. Someone wants to kill me.
    “Someone wants to kill you?” she repeated. “Well, I want to make love to you. My goodness, Julian. With two such compelling alternatives, however will you choose? – Tessa Dare
  • If we don’t make out of this alive, Sophie Price, I want you to know that I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you. You’re it for me. – Fisher Amelie
  • I’m in awe of you, Rowan Palotay,” he said softly. “And plan to make love to you for the rest of the night, but right now, I want you to be a good cowgirl and ride me.”
    His finger hooked around the string of her *****, and he tugged them down and off. “The boots stay on. – Robin Bielman
  • For thousands of nights I dreamed of making love to you. No man on earth has ever hated sunrise as I do.-Lisa Kleypas
Top 100 I Want You to Make Love to Me QuotesPin
  • O God my Truth, make me one with You in eternal love. Often I become weary with reading and hearing many things. You are all that I want and desire. Let all teachers be mute and all creation keep silence before You. Speak to me, You, and You alone. – Thomas A Kempis
  • I love you, Lauren Lindsay. I want to kiss you more than I want to breathe, but I don’t want you to think you’re just another notch in my belt. You’re not. You’re it for me. I want you to have everything and I want to make sure I’m good enough for you. You deserve more than who I was. – Lily Paradis
  • This Love, this saving grace, of which I speak I keep from no man, no woman. Come to Me as you are, I say. It is My Love you are to want, to plead for, to make room for in your heart. You do not have to be perfect to come to Me. You cannot be perfect except through Me, through the ways of My love. – Debra Clemente
  • You’re the most annoying girl on the planet. You make me want to throw myself off a bridge. And, unfortunately, I am one hundred percent, head-over-heels, crazy in love with you. – Cecily White
  • It’s not easy having a good marriage
    but I don’t want easy. Easy doesn’t make you grow. Easy doesn’t make you think. I thank God everyday that I am married to a man who makes me think. That’s my definition of true love. – Madonna
  • The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead.-Marilyn Monroe
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  • I don’t want you because I expect you to swoop in and rescue me and make everything all right.I don’t want you because you’re beautiful. None of that matters. you could never be a bad bargain to me, because … you’re you.
    And I love you. – Zoe Marriott
  • I just want you to know, I love the way you look at me. Make’s me feel like everything’s gonna be okay. – Luke Taylor
  • If you cannot love me, I will die. Before you came I wanted to die, I have told you many times. It is cruel to have made me want to live only to make my death more bloody. – James Baldwin
  • I’m a prick half the time, but you make me better. You make me happy. I don’t want to lose you. I love you. I don’t want to lose you. – Nyrae Dawn
  • I love you.” His voice was straightforward, affectionate. “You make me remember who I used to be. You make me want to be that man again. Right now, holding you, I feel like we have a shot at beating all odds and making it together. I’m yours, if you’ll have me. – Becca Fitzpatrick

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  • You’re lucky I love you, babe.
    If any other girl had done this to me –“
    “You love me? You just said it.”
    “I … Well, d*?*. I guess I did.”
    “Did you mean it? I want to hear it again.”
    “Aw , babe. Don’t make me say it again.
    It’s bad enough I said it first. – Elle Kennedy
  • To make a living from doing something I love is fantastic. As long as people want to listen to me, I’ll keep doing it. In fact, to tell you the truth, even if no one did want to listen to me, I’d still be doing it! – Steve Winwood
  • I want to make love to you, and if you don’t stop me now, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. – Rachel Gibson
  • Maggie. When we make love, I want it to be special. Not some quickie in your bedroom before your parents come home. I want more than that for us. I want to be able to hold you all night and feel you against me as I fall asleep. I want us to be perfect together. – A Meredith Walters
  • Remember, marriage is not a contractual arrangement. True love doesn’t say, “Make me feel this way if you want me to stay.” That’s not love. Instead, true love says in commitment, “I’m giving myself to you regardless. – Matt Chandler
  • When I make love to you, Lanie, I want you to feel every inch of me buried deep inside of you, loving you, worshiping your body … – Flora Roberts
  • I felt need. It was you. I can never allow myself to need you. So, my only choice is to make you need me, because ridding myself of you is no longer an option. – Renea Mason
  • I want to tell you what’s really happened.”
    “Not now. Please not now. Whatever’s happened, come and make love to me.”
    And we did make love; not s*?x, but love; though s*?x would have been so much wiser. – John Fowles
  • You make me want to be a better than I am today. – Truth Devour
  • You don’t want to get me started about apple martinis and the affect they have on my lovemaking. I might just throw you down and make some love to you right here and now. – Rick Fox
  • I’ve never loved before but this has to be it. You are everything I want and need. You make me complete and having you in my arms is the most right thing in my world. Every thought involves you and how to keep you close. – Laurann Dohner
  • You know, my Katie, if I could be someone who could take care of you, fall in love with you, make you fall in love with me, you know I’d do it. It would keep us together. I don’t want to lose you. But I can’t seem to fall in love with anyone who is good for me. – Cindy Martinusen Coloma
  • Love is stupid. So I don’t care if it’s love. You’re the best part of every d*?* day. You’re sunshine, and laughter, and the *?*?ing oxygen in my lungs. If this life is a game, you make me want to play it forever, be d*?*ed who wins or loses. – Jewel E. Ann
  • you make me want to know what goes on in that head of yours. I’ll be honest: I’m not usually interested in the contents of others people’s heads. My own is work enough. – Julie Buxbaum
  • What I don’t know don’t keep me hostage. It’s your love that locks me up and I want you to know that I love the way you make my heart tear up. – Tegan Quin
  • You know,” he said, “this is why I love you so much.”
    Her tone was heartbreakingly warm. “What do you mean?”
    You don’t ask me to go inside because it’s cold. You just want to make it easier for me to be where I want to stand. – J.R. Ward

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  • Piper, I want another chance. I’ll make it right, I swear. You’ll never be sorry if you give me another chance to love you the way you deserve. I won’t be the fool this time. I’ll be there, no matter what the cost. I swear it. – Alexia Purdy

I Love the Way You Love Me Quotes

  • Come, let us make love deathless.-Herbert Trench
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  • I’ll make some inquiries, but I won’t do it for you. I’ll do it because Frannie would want me to.”
    “You love her, don’t you?”
    “Go to h*?*.”
    Jack laughed. “You’re too late with that command, mate. I’ve been there since I was born. – Lorraine Heath
  • Trying relentlessly to make you love me, but I don’t want the love – I quite prefer the quest for it. The challenge. I am always disappointed with someone who loves me – how perfect can he be if he can’t see through me? – Carrie Fisher
  • Even if you don’t mean it, I want you to take me somewhere and make love to me.
    Dai Uie talking to Kane, from Game Boys – Roch*?*e H. Ragnarok
  • Sam, I want that to be us. I want to stand up in church in front of our family and friends and make you my wife. I want them to listen to me say my vows to you and watch me slide my ring on your finger. I want them to see you wear my mark. I want to marry you, Sam. – P.J. Fiala
  • I want you to love me.” I said softly. “But if not, then I want to be the closest thing to you loving me. I want your loyalty. I want your honesty. I want you by my side and no one else’s. I want your body. I want your mind. I want to know your hopes and dreams so I could one day make them reality. – J.J. McAvoy
  • I want you to make love to me,’ she whispered.
    Dan waited for a moment before he spoke. ‘You sure? – Kate Forster
  • Listen to the breath of the rain.”
    They were silent for a minute. Dillon closed his eyes and tried to grasp at what Hunter experienced. Hunter moved closer and put the heat of his breath in Dillon’s ear. “I want you to make love to me by the rhythm of the rain,” he whispered. – Brandon Shire
  • When I ask to photograph someone, it is because I love the way they look and I think I make that clear. I’m paying them a tremendous compliment. What I’m saying is, I want to take you home with me and look at you for the rest of my life. – Amy Arbus
  • If you want to sleep with me, I don’t mind. I’ve never slept with anybody, and I’m very fond of you, so if you want to make love to me, I don’t mind at all. But marrying me is a whole different matter. If you marry me, you
    take on all my troubles, and they’re a lot worse than you can imagine. – Haruki Murakami
  • His voice is hoarse. “I am going to make love to you now.” He says, “So if you want me to stop, tell me.”
    I shake my head frantically. If he stops at this point, I’ll probably die. – Serena Grey

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  • I love you Philadelphia. I want to thank you for accepting me, and letting me be me and make this my home forever. – Allen Iverson
  • I’ve loved men that wear un-ironed clothes, it doesn’t make me fall out of love. When you love someone, you should see beyond their image. It just makes me want to iron their shirt. But once you love a person, they could wear a garbage bag! – Olga Kurylenko
  • I’m in love with you and you don’t want anything to do with me so I think we can make this work: a love story. – Melissa Broder
  • I want my best friend back. I want the best thing that ever happened to me back. And I promise you I will make you fall in love with me all over again. This time, it’ll be the forever kind. – Christine Zolendz
  • Love. Yes. That’s what I feel for you. Your smile makes me happy and your pain makes me hurt with you. Your unhappiness makes me unhappy. Your body makes me ache and you make me hard with need to be inside you. You are always on my mind and when I am not with you, I want you with me. – Laurann Dohner
  • You love me, but you don’t want me,” he said with such sadness, I burst into tears.
    While crying, I had the biggest orgasm of my life as Luke held me tighter than ever and rocked into me and climaxed with me. He wiped at my tears.
    “I didn’t mean to make you cry,” he said. – L.D. Davis
  • I can’t promise that I’ll never be an , or that I’ll never make you cry. I can’t promise that I won’t make you so angry you want to cosh me over the head with a brick. I can’t promise you forever … I’d love to, but I can give you right now. I can give you me in all my defective glory. – Kady Cross
  • I liked you because you could make me smile. I fell in love with you because you made me want to be a better person. Now that you’re leaving me, what am I supposed to do? – Lisa Gilbert
  • Do I have to make a poster and scream Ryan, Ryan?” I kidded.
    “The only time I want to hear you scream my name is when I’m making love to you. Although you did call me God the other night. That’s acceptable, too. – Tina Reber
  • Remember. The way you make love is the way God will be with you.-Rumi
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  • I want you to kiss me like you did at my house, to make love to me like you did at yours. I want to wake up with you every morning and go to bed with you every night. I want our kids and our life together. I want it all, but mostly, I just want you. – Elisabeth Naughton
  • Ah men, why do you want all this attention? I can write poems for myself, make love to a doorknob if absolutely necessary. What do you have to offer me I can’t find otherwise except humiliation? Which I no longer need. – Margaret Atwood
  • I really want to make love to you. Please come to bed with me. – E.L. James
  • His hands framed her face again, his amber eyes alive with love, with tenderness. “I want to make a vow to you. I’ll love you with everything in me. I’ll bring you as much happiness as I can give you. But I cannot allow your death, not at my hands. You’re more important than I am. – Christine Feehan
  • If i would ever fall in love … I’m sure I would want that person to belong to me. I’d make them all mine … but I might ruin them in the process. So I’m never going to fall in love. I don’t need love right now. I have friends with the same purpose as me. I have all of you. -Rei – Naoko Takeuchi
  • I still let myself be a fan of music and that motivates me to want to be better than certain people or just getting the same love. Nothing is new under the sun so you cant be afraid to take things from others and try to flip them and make them your own at the end of the day. – Kid Ink
  • I don’t want to *?*? you, Elle. I want to make love to you. Take me gently, angel.” I moan at his words and come back in a little too eagerly. “Gently,” he whispers, halting me for an instant before I place my lips tenderly on his. – Lena Black
  • I feel my life is sterile, I am unbloomed, unused, I have nothing I can have that I will ever want, only some love, only dearness and tenderness, to make me weep. I am moved now and sad and unhappy beyond cold unhappiness, beyond any inconvenience that will cause you by my affection. – Allen Ginsberg
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  • This is me, Ana. All of me … and I’m all yours. What do I have to do to make you realize that? To make you see that I want you any way I can get you. That I love you. – E.L. James
  • Doesn’t God also want you to love the partner you are with? You can’t help who you fall in love with, Mum. Be it a man or woman. I just happen to love the same s*?x as me. That doesn’t make me a dreadful person. – Zadie Wanton
  • You didn’t look at Xan and think, “Gosh, I want to make love to him” or “Wouldn’t it be nice to have some s*?x with that guy”.
    No. You took one look at Xan and you fell to your quivering knees, thinking, “Holy , I need that man to *?*? me. – Madeline Sheehan
  • I don’t want you back because you feel obligated to me, love,” he said. “That’s the devil of wedding vows – they make you do things for a person you maybe should run away from. Come back to me because you want to, not because you think you ought to. Do you understand? – Jennifer Ashley
  • You may have to break this heart before you can use it. You may have to take it apart and start all over with me. I know it hurts to change, but I don’t want to stay the same. Take me. Break me. Do whatever it takes to make me what you need me to be – Willow Aster
  • It’s kind of embarr ing to put this into words,” she said, “but I want to stay friends with you, Junpei. Not just for now, but even after we get older. A lot older. I love Takatsuki, but I need you, too, in a different way. Does that make me selfish? – Haruki Murakami
  • The worst part is that I saw the whole thing
    our whole life. And I want it bad, Jake, I want it all. I want to stay right here and never move. I want to love you and make you happy. And I can’t, and it’s killing me. – Stephenie Meyer
  • With you it’s different. I come like a bloody bull with you. I want to reach inside you and make you feel what I do, to know heaven and h*?* and pleasure so intense you can’t tell if it’s agony or pure bliss.” … “When I make love to you, I am yours. You own me body and soul. – Carolyn Jewel
  • He shook her gently. Listen to me, listen, there’s nothing anybody could do to you that would make me not want you – no hurt, no scar, nothing. These past days I’ve been afraid they broke you, ruined all the fire. I’d mourn, Annie – I don’t want you different – but I’d still want you. I love you. – Ellen O’Connell
  • He bit his lip, struggling to make words out of the war waging itself in his chest.
    “I don’t know what this makes me,” he managed at last.
    Hook laughed, not unkindly. “It makes you whatever you want it to make you. – Austin Chant
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  • You have always been what I want. I just made mistakes along the way. I told you that I would make it up to you, that I would show you what I could be for you if you would only let me. – K.A. Linde
  • I want you to do whatever you need to make you happy. Even if it doesn’t involve me. Because I’m in love with you.” Corey – Darien Cox

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