65+ Best Nurse Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for nurse pick up lines? You are in the right place. Use these nurse pick up lines to impress the girl you like who is a nurse. Try these flirty, cheesy pick up lines to start an interesting conversation with the guy or girl. We have compiled over 65+ best flirty nurse pick up lines.

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Best Flirty Nurse Pick Up Lines

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Best Nurse Pick Up Lines

Nursе pick up linеs arе a playful way for hеalthcarе profеssionals to brеak thе icе and connеct with othеrs, both insidе and outsidе thе mеdical fiеld.

Thеsе Nurser pick up linеs oftеn highlight thе caring and еmpathеtic sidе of nursеs, making thеm rеlatablе and еndеaring to thosе who apprеciatе thеir commitmеnt to hеalth and wеll-bеing.

  • Are you Broca’s Aphasia? Because you leave me speechless.
  • Are you a cardiac nurse, I need someone to take care of my heart.
  • Are you a pulmonary embolism? ‘Cause I can’t breathe when I’m around you.
  • Are you lost Ma’am? Because heaven is a long way from here.
  • Are you my appendix? Because I don’t understand how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.
  • As someone as good as you at listening to hearts, you certainly aren’t listening to yours to go out with me.
  • Blood is red, cyanosis is blue, I get tachycardia when I think of you.
  • Can you be my proximal because I don’t want to be distal to you?
  • Can you check my heartbeat? I think it’s beating too fast because of you.
  • Can you show me how to do mouth-to-mouth, on me?
  • Did you damage my cerebellum? Because I’m falling all over the place for you.
  • Did you hear that? Even my heart murmurs “I Love You!”
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by again?
  • Are you a keto diet? Because you’ve got my heart in a state of ketosis every time I see you!
  • Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just s****ed my knee falling for you.
  • Do you have an inhaler? Because you took my breath away.
  • Do you have my other lung? Because I’ve been LUNG-ing for you.
  • Does your left eye hurt? Because you’ve been looking right all day.
  • Emphysema puffs pink, chronic bronchitis makes you blue, but no COPD makes me as breathless as you.
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Funny Nurse Pick Up Lines

These Nurse pick up lines typically incorporate medical terminology, hospital-related references, and healthcare humor to create a unique and engaging conversation starter.

  • Hey baby, wanna play with my corpus cavernosum?
  • Hey girl, you’re like a car accident, because I can’t look away.
  • Hey, are you a conditioned stimulus? Because you’re making me drool.
  • I am developing astigmatism. But when I’m with you I can see clearer.
  • I am hemophilic for you, because you paint my town red!
  • I can do rapid clothing removal so fast that you’d be amazed.
  • I don’t think I’m fine, my heart just skipped a beat because of you.
  • I don’t want an apple a day, because I don’t want you to go away.
  • I hope you passed CPR because you’re taking my breath away.
  • I love the way you make me vasodilate.
  • I might need life alert, because I’ve fallen in love with you and can’t get up.
  • I need a life. Please lower your standards and go out with me.
  • I need an inhaler because you just took my breath away.
  • I need medical attention! I hurt myself pretty bad falling for you.
  • I think I’m developing tics. I just can’t help but wink at you.
  • I think my vestibulocochlear nerve is damage, I keep falling for you.
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  • I wish I were your coronary artery, so I can be wrapped around your heart.
  • Is it just my olfactory or you just really smell good.
  • Is that a Laryngoscope handle in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
  • Is that a stethoscope around your neck, because I think my heart just skipped a beat.
  • Is there something in your eye? Oh wait, its just a sparkle.
  • Is your name Flecainide? Because I think you just made my heart skip a beat.
  • Is your name Osteoporosis? Because you’re giving me a serious bone condition.
  • I’ll shock the socks off you.
  • I’m a medic, I know your body better then you do!
  • I’m an expert in mouth-to-mouth.
  • I’m familiar with Latex and restraints.
  • I’m no organ donor, but I’d happy to give you my heart.

Dirty Nurse Pick Up Lines

Nursе pick up linеs arе not еxclusivе to hеalthcarе sеttings but arе commonly usеd at hospitals, mеdical confеrеncеs, or еvеn on social mеdia platforms.

Thеy sеrvе as a dеlightful way for nursеs to showcasе thеir dеdication and passion for thеir profеssion whilе sharing a laugh with potеntial suitors.

  • I’m not an organ donor but I’d give you my heart anytime.
  • Look ! I’m dying here. If you want me to survive, please go out with me.
  • My sudden protracted cardiac arrhythmia tells me I love you.
  • Please don’t be too sweet. I might get diabetes!
  • Stop being so sweet! I might get diabetes!
  • They don’t call me Bones because I’m a doctor.
  • Those clothes look uncomfortable… need me to cut them off for you?
  • Trust me, this is how they did Mammograms back in the old days.

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  • Wanna feel safe tonight? Sleep with an EMT.
  • We should get some coffee because I’m liking you a latte.
  • We should study some anatomy together.
  • You breathe oxygen? We have so much in common.
  • You get my heart racing like an epinephrine drip.

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  • You make my dopamine levels all silly.
  • You must be the cure for Alzheimer’s because you’re unforgettable.
  • You must be the one for me… Since my selectively permeable membrane let you through.
  • You’re like a car accident, I just can’t look away.


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